Alligator hunter extradonaire, Tommy Chauvin, knows a thing or two about the swamps way down south in Louisiana. As the stepson and right hand man of Trapper Joe Lafont, Tommy has risen to stardom on the breakout hit, television show, Swamp People, on the History Channel. Now in it's second season, the show chronicles five families of alligator hunters during alligator season in an almost Deadliest Catch scenario. Though five families are shown, the real story is the relationship between Tommy and his stepdad Joe. See, it's Tommy's job to drive the boat, keep the guns loaded, and take the kill shot. That's right. Tommy is the trigger man. And not only does he have his finger on the trigger, he also has his finger on the pulse of America as the show is already the most watched program to ever grace the airwaves of the History Channel. Tommy is explosive and animated. He is also loyal and hardworking. But at the end of the day, he has his own mind and that mind is made up. He's gonna work hard and play hard too. The tension that sometimes arises between Joe and Tommy is what has everybody talking. It sort of reminds you of the Teutl's on American Chopper. That's why Tommy is salt, and Joe is pepper! To say that reality shows are popular is a gross understatement. To say that Swamp People is a hit show is almost as gross. But to say that anyone other than Tommy and Joe are the stars of this new series would be absolute blindness. So let's shake and bake with salt and pepper! Because Tommy and Joe are truly TNT!


Shake and bake, baby!

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